Rental Policies


How to pay | Late Fees | NSF Fees

Rent is due on the 1st of the month.  There is a 3 day grace period. All rents can be paid online via the Resident Portal or dropped in the rent box located onsite in each building.

The final pick up day & time is the 3rd of each month at 5pm.  There is a $50 late fee for any rent received after this date. Also, a 3 day Notice will be issued, which has an additional $40 Notice Fee. The total charge for late rent is $90. 

If a check is returned for Insufficient Funds, an additional $25 Return Check fee is applied.

We do not like issuing late fees, notice fees, or any fees.  Please don't be late.


If you know you will be late on your rent, call management 3 days or more to let us know.  If this is the first time your rent has been late, you provide at least 3 days notice, know when the rent will be paid, and pay the rent on that day, you do not have to pay the fees.  This only applies to the first time your rent is late.

If your check bounces or payment is reversed, Management will receive an “NSF Alert” from the bank, which usually means insufficient funds.  This is considered late rent & will be handled as described above.


Utility accounts will be set up for you upon move in.  All residents are required to pay their utility bills regularly; Management is set up to receive notices directly from utility companies of any unpaid accounts.

The first time management receives a notice from the utility company, we will issue a reminder to you to pay your utility bill.

Any time after that, a 10 day notice will be issued and the $50 Notice Fee will be charged to your account.

Exception on Woodlawn South Apartments

Water/Sewer/Garbage is not sub-metered.  Instead, the building charges $65/month/resident and should be paid along side your rent.  1 payment for both rent & utilities is okay.

Maintenance Requests/ Upgrade Requests

Maintenance Requests can be made online, by phone, text or email to your On-Site Manager.  For fastest response, submit online through your resident portal.

Our job as managers is to make sure your units are clean, safe & comfortable.  If there is an issue in your unit, please do not hesitate to submit a maintenance request.  Also, this protects you & your unit.  A small leak could turn into a much bigger issue, could damage your personal property or the building, putting you liable for damage caused.  When in doubt, submit a request.


If there is an upgrade or other item you would like in your unit, please feel free to submit the request.  We cannot guarantee all requests will be fulfilled as they are subject to owner approval, but your input is important & valued.  We will do our best to fulfill your requests in a timely fashion.


Up to 2 cats are allowed per unit.  Pet rent equals $20/month/pet.

At any point during residency, pets can be added or taken off as circumstances change. 

Dog Policy is different for each building based on owner preference.  Please inquire with Property Manager about the dog policy at your building. 

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance is required throughout tenancy.  You are required to maintain $100,000 liability insurance, there is no requirement on your coverage for personal property.

If you need assistance getting Renters Insurance, please contact Management for a referral.

Audits take place 1 time per year to check all renters insurance policies on file.  Failure to provide proof of current insurance will result in a 10 Day Notice + $40 Notice Fee.

Occupancy Requirements

The law states the maximum people allowed to live in a unit is 2 people per bedroom + 1. For example, a 1 bedroom apartment can house up to 3 people.  

Lease Terms

All leases will remain on a fixed term of 12 months or less to be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Parking // Vehicle Policies

Garage Parking is available at many of our buildings; Speak with your On-Site Manager about current rates & availability/waiting lists.  Parking can be added to or taken off a lease on month to month basis during tenancy as circumstances change. 

All vehicles must be in good working order, no leaks or excessive exhaust.  

Parking spaces are assigned for your car & reasonable storage of car related items.  You may not store an unreasonable amount of items in your parking space. This is determined by management.

Basic maintenance on vehicles is allowed, including tire change, oil change, battery change, light bulbs, and cleaning out the vehicle. Major engine work is not allowed.

Not following the Parking Lot Rules will result in your parking space being taken away.

Storage // Balconies // Patios


Storage units are available at most buildings; Inquire with Site Manager about current availability and rates. Storage units can be added or taken off lease on a month to month basis during tenancy as circumstances change. Storage units must be kept orderly, no liquids or flammable items are to be stored in storage units. Storage units are subject to inspection with 2 day written notice. 

Balconies and patios are for tenant enjoyment; All items stored on the balcony or patio cannot exceed railing height.  

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are from 10pm to 8am 7 days a week.  Many of your neighbors work different hours so we need to be respectful of their sleep schedules.  

The first complaint from a neighbor will result in a warning from management.  Every additional complaint will result in a 10 day notice + $40 notice fee.


Grill or open flame BBQs are not allowed on patios or balconies.  Electric grills are okay.

Some buildings are equipped with a community BBQ for your enjoyment.  Please clean up after yourself & keep the picnic area clean for your neighbors to use.  Failure to keep BBQ area clean may result in the BBQ going away.

BBQs found on patios or balconies will result in a written warning 1st, an opportunity to correct the mistake.  Additional incidence will result in a 10 day notice + $40 notice fee.


Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of any door or window at any building.  This policy is for anything you may smoke, including but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, or marijuana.

Smoking in your unit or too close to the building will result in a 10 Day Notice + $40 Notice Fee.

Property Alterations

Painting the interior of your unit is okay as long as you understand you need to paint it back to the original color.  Should you choose not to paint it back, you will be charged the labor & material cost of the work upon move out.

Satellite dishes can be installed on your patio or balcony on a tripod.  No satellites will be bolted to the roof or building under any circumstances. Ask your satellite provider for a tripod, most companies will provide one to you free of charge.

No structural changes are allowed to your unit.  If you would like something done, please make a maintenance request.

Guest Policy // Subletting

Guests are welcome in your unit for up to 14 days within any 8 week period.  Should you have guest that stays with you longer, please contact management. We will ask they complete an application & add them to the lease.

Residents are responsible for their guests & to ensure they follow all building policies, including quiet hours, smoking, parking, etc.

Subletting is not allowed.  

Garbage// Cleanliness // Mold

All units are expected to be kept clean, free of garbage, debris & mold.  No exits should be blocked for any reason.

Mold and excessive moisture needs to be cleaned up regularly, especially during colder months. Should you find the mold issue becoming a bigger issue, please submit a maintenance request. Please read the Mold Handout for common mold questions & concerns.

Failure to keep unit in decent condition will result in terminated lease agreement.

Notice to Vacate

All leases end on the last day of the month.  If you would like to move out, you are required to submit via resident portal, email or with rent check in writing, your intent to vacate.  

20 days notice is required.  Therefore, if you would like to end your lease on May 31st, you need to submit notice by May 11th.  

Move out procedures will then take place, including a Pre-Move walk thru, scheduling your move out walk thru (optional) and a request for your forwarding address (so we can send you your deposit!)  

Lease Break // Early Termination

If you need to break your lease early, before the end of the lease, please provide notice to vacate as listed above.  There is a $750 early termination fee for breaking the lease.  

Move In/Move Out Condition Reports

Upon Move In, you completed a Condition Report with the Property Manager.  This document is available to you via your Resident Portal.  Feel free to print this report or request a printed report for your records.  Pictures are on file of the condition of your unit at move in.

Upon Move Out, we will complete the same report & take pictures of the condition of your unit upon move out.  

Any damage caused beyond normal wear and tear will be charged at $50/hour labor + actual cost of materials.

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